About Us

Community Impact Corporation (CIC) is a private, non-profit community development corporation founded in 2014 with a mission of developing opportunities to transform lives in the communities we serve. The focus of our work is the South Jersey / Philadelphia area.

Our organizational direction encompasses working within the community to meet basic physical, economic and education needs.

Our work centers on four core areas:

Community Support for Physical Needs: Sponsoring monthly food drives for members of our community, we serve over 1,000 families per year.  This, along with our “Free Market” model of giving household items away to members of the community are the strength of our ability to meet physical needs within our grasp.

Life Skills Literacy Programs: Supporting community member development through Wellness and Financial Literacy Programs.

Addictive Behaviors Programs: Working with adults to find freedom from addictive behaviors and life-controlling issues.

Youth Development: Operating several comprehensive school-based and community-based programs to promote healthy lifestyles, mentoring, after-school programs, and cultivating youth leadership within the community.